The Perfect Dinner Music playlist

A dinner table with a red wine glass

At Nouvelle Glass we cherish the small moments easily overlooked by the hurried passage of life and lures of television and technology.  Enjoying the company of others without distraction, stopping for a moment to take in the environment around you, reminding ourselves to laugh and play, taking a moment to be grateful and giving ourselves permission to just "be".  The common thread is connection.  Nouvelle Glass was created to celebrate life and to accompany you on the way.  

Josie and Tim, of Nouvelle Glass purposely strive to kick back and re-connect with each other over as much as possible.  From an intimate dinner for two every week, to a picnic in the park, or just sitting on the porch to enjoy some wine, they will always find a way to wind down and connect with one another, including  music in that time together, too:

"We put on a playlist we love, and just sit together and chat. We talk about life, work, family, and (sadly) often never get to solve all the problems of the universe, but importantly we spend time connecting with one another."


As music is our language of love, Josie has decided to give us a little gift of music herself:

"As the Director of Nouvelle Glass, I've taken the time to curate a playlist specifically for our wonderful Nouvelle customers. This list is inspired by Spring 2022 and I hope brings the perfect ambience to your Dinners this season."

- Josephine Ison, Director of Nouvelle Glass

There is one universal language easily helps us connect with whatever source we need to, and that is music!  Music has the ability to bring people to together, help us transform our emotional state and gives us a platform to have fun, self reflect and self express.

Sit back, kick your shoes off (or keep them on and have a little dance) and enjoy our official Nouvelle Glass Spring 2022 playlist!  Click below to listen to the entire playlist on Spotify on your device: