Glass and Crystal: The Modern 3rd Year Anniversary Gift

Glass and Crystal: The Modern 3rd Year Anniversary Gift

There are many ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary: a romantic dinner for two, a holiday together, a renewal of vows, just to name a few. But there is one tradition that is shared amongst most, if not all occasions - and that is gift giving. Anniversaries are unique in that they have a special theme that is connected to each year depending on the years of marriage. You may have heard of the traditional rules of giving paper for the 1st year and wood for the 5th year for example. But then you've heard of the more modern rules such as appliances in the 4th year or watches for the 15th year.

If you aren't already familiar with traditional gifts and modern anniversary gift ideas, we've provided a handy read on Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas below. We discuss in detail why Crystal and Glass are considered the best gift for a married couple on their third wedding anniversary, and some ideas that'll help you choose an awesome (and on theme) present for a happy couple.


But where did gift giving for anniversaries come from?

Although gift giving to celebrate anniversaries can traced all the way back to Ancient Rome or Medieval Germany - what kind of gifts were given, is largely known. These traditions really started to really surface during the Victorian Era, a period where love matching was becoming more common and therefore the exchanging of gifts was a natural result. As time progressed there was more mention in the media of certain anniversaries such as the "silver" and "golden" anniversaries. But it wasn't until the 20th century that the lists we see today really started to appear. For example in 1910, The Standard Home Reference Library published a very extensive list of anniversary gifts. More opinions and ideas would increasingly appear in publications of various sources (all with differing agendas!) including reference books and even retailers such as jewellers. You can read about this in much more detail in this article here.

It is obvious to say these lists that we first saw over a century ago would need a refresh to adapt to modern times. Today in the western world of anniversaries, there are two lists that we can refer to when it comes to wedding anniversaries: "Traditional" and "Modern", along with other alternatives such as "Colour", "Gemstone" or "Flower".

Let these lists inspire you to be creative to think outside the box - mix and match or go on your own spontaneity. Or if you like to leave the guesswork out - simply follow the list of anniversary themes to your choosing and enjoy your search for gifts to match!


Crystal and Glass Modern 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

3rd year anniversaries don't seem as significant as first or fifth anniversaries, but they're just as important to celebrate nonetheless. Every year matters when it comes to strengthening your marriage. A three-year anniver­sary gift is a beautiful way of marking a marriage, whether you're celebrating your own milestone or you just want to congratulate someone else.

The third anniversary is often considered one of the most important milestones in a couple’s journey together.  The third anniversary is often seen as the beginning of the end of the honeymoon phase of a couple's marriage. Experts say that while it's true that the honeymoon period does eventually fade, there are plenty of ways you can keep that spark alive and the giving of a special gift is just one way to do that.

Crystal (or glass) has been adopted as the modern gift associated with three years of marriage, symbolising the beauty and fragility of a union in its early stages. Alternatively, you could look to the third anniversary colour (white or jade), stone (pearl) or flower (sunflower) for inspiration.


Why are Crystal and Glass gifts a great Anniversary gift?

Whether you are buying a gift to celebrate your own wedding anniversary or looking to give a married couple a gift, crystal and glass are a perfect gift to choose. In the traditional anniversary gift list, crystal and glass are used to celebrate the milestone anniversary of 15 years of marriages. In the modern alternative guide, crystal and glass is recognised as a 3rd Anniversary Gift.

If the traditional material doesn't work for you, crystal and glass are considered modern alternatives for your third wedding anniversary. Crystal is one of the best options for a third wedding anniversary present. Crystal is timeless and elegant, making it perfect for a special occasion like your anniversary. There are many different types of crystal and glass, including chandeliers, vases, bowls, figurines, plates, glasses, stemware, and much more.

Glass reflects light and beauty and therefore can be seen as signifying a bright future. Crystal symbolises clarity, transparency and the durability of love. It also refracts light, representing the beautiful facets of the relationship, just like the stunning spectrums that can be seen in Crystal. Glass is fragile - and can be a reminder that relationships should be tended to with care and sensitivity.


Anniversary Gift Guide

We've collated the first 15 years of anniversaries into an easy to follow table, into five different categories featuring both traditional and modern gift ideas. For the rest - simply do a search online and there are plenty of resources to view!


Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Modern Anniversary Gifts

Colour(s) Gemstone Flower
1st Paper Clocks Gold/Yellow Gold Carnation
2nd Cotton China Red Garnet Cosmos
3rd Leather Crystal/Glass Jade/White Pearl Sunflower
4th Fruit/Flowers Appliances Blue/Green Blue Topaz Geranium
5th Wood Silverware Blue/Pink/
Sapphire Daisy
6th Iron Wood Objects Purple/White/
Amethyst Calla Lily
7th Copper/Wool Desk Sets Yellow/Off-White Onyx Freesia
8th Bronze/Pottery Linen or Lace Bronze Tourmaline Clematis
9th Willow/Pottery Leather Terracotta Lapiz Lazuli Poppy
10th Aluminium/Tin Diamond Jewellery Silver/Blue Diamond Daffodil
11th Steel Fashion Jewellery Turquoise Turquoise Morning Glory
12th Silk/Linen Pearl Oyster White Jade


13th Lace Textiles/Furs (now Fuax) White Citrine Chrysanthemum
14th Ivory Gold Jewellery Ivory Opal Dahlia
15th Crystal Watches Red Ruby Rose


Nouvelle Glass - The Perfect Anniversary Gift

Nouvelle Glass have created the Anniversary Collection wine glasses to help you celebrate the date you tied the knot. No matter if you favour the traditional or modern guides, or you simply want to mix it up and choose your own classy gift, a personalised glass is always going to be an excellent gift.  Specifically designed to honour those truly memorable moments, our Anniversary collection of personalised glassware can be engraved with your Wedding Date, Anniversary, or or any date that is meaningful for you. Add you and your beloved's initials, or your titles, and you'll have a luxurious set of glassware perfect for toasting a glass of wine with each other year after year. 

To order your gift from our Anniversary Collection;

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  • All orders include complementary 100% eco-friendly cotton canvas bags with the optional addition of a premium gift box.

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