Glass and Crystal: Modern 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Glass and Crystal: Modern 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The 3rd wedding anniversary is often considered one of the most important milestones in a couple’s relationship journey together. Glass and Crystal have been adopted as the Modern 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift, symbolising the beauty and fragility of a union. As delicate as love yet as resilient as commitment, glass and crystal represent a harmonious blend of beauty and strength. Venturing beyond the initial years of marriage, for couples who celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary it's often marked by gifts symbolising the growth and clarity of their relationship.

There are many ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary: a romantic dinner for two, a holiday together, a renewal of vows, just to name a few. But there is one tradition that is shared amongst most, if not all occasions - and that's gift giving. Anniversaries are unique in that they have a special theme that is connected to each year depending on the years of marriage. You may have heard of the traditional theme of giving paper for a 1st anniversary, and wood for a 5th anniversary gift for example. But then there are also more modern rules such as kitchen appliances for a 4th year or watches to commemorate a 15th year anniversary.

Crystal and Glass are considered the perfect gift for a married couple on their 3rd wedding anniversary for this reason. We'll share some ideas below that'll help you choose an awesome (and on theme) present for a happy couple or the perfect gift for your husband or wife. If you aren't already familiar with traditional gifts and modern anniversary gift ideas, we've also provided a handy read on other 'Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas by year' ideas below. 

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift - Engraved Champagne Glass

But what is the origin of gift-giving for anniversaries?

Although gift giving to celebrate a wedding anniversary can traced all the way back to Ancient Rome or Medieval Germany - what kind of gifts were given, is largely unknown. These traditions really started to really surface during the Victorian Era, a period where love matching was becoming more common and therefore the exchanging of gifts was a natural result. As time progressed there was more mention in the media of certain anniversaries such as the "silver" and "golden" anniversaries. But it wasn't until the 20th century that the lists we see today really started to appear. For example in 1910, The Standard Home Reference Library published a very extensive list of anniversary gifts. More opinions and ideas would increasingly appear in publications of various sources (all with differing agendas!) including reference books and even retailers such as jewellers. You can read about this in much more detail in this article here.

It is obvious to say these lists that we first saw over a century ago would need a refresh to adapt to modern times. Today in the western world of anniversaries, there are two lists that we can refer to when it comes to wedding anniversaries: "Traditional Gifts" and "Modern Gifts".

Let these lists inspire you to be creative to think outside the box. Or if you like to leave the guesswork out - simply follow the list of anniversary themes below to inspire your gift and enjoy your search for gifts to match!


The Significance of a 3rd Wedding Anniversary

The 3rd wedding anniversary is a poignant occasion in a couple's relationship, as they transition from the honeymoon period into a phase reflecting a profound connection and mutual respect. This anniversary is not just another year passed, but a symbol of the evolving strength and resilience in their bond. The modern gift materials for this milestone are crystal and glass, which exemplify transparency, purity, and the fragility yet endurance of the relationship. What we love more is that they serve as a tangible reminder that care and honesty are central to a thriving marriage.

As couples commemorate their 3rd year of marriage, they recognise the depth of their partnership. Experts say that while it's true that the honeymoon period does eventually fade, there are plenty of ways you can keep that spark alive and the giving of a special gift is just one way to do that. The choice of a special gift is more than just a tradition; it's an intimate gesture that reignites affection and acknowledges the growth shared thus far. The 3rd wedding anniversary underscores the importance of nurturing the connection and keeping the romantic flame burning. Relationship experts advocate for continuous efforts to fortify a relationship's foundation even as the initial blissful chapter concludes. In this way, celebrating a 3rd wedding anniversary paves the way for longevity and happiness in a couple's union.

Table: 3rd Wedding Anniversary Symbols




Clarity and care



Why are Glass and Crystal significant for celebrating a 3rd Wedding Anniversary?

Glass and crystal are synonymous with the modern 3rd wedding anniversary, carrying profound symbolism that resonates with couples celebrating this special milestone. They echo themes of clarity, transparency, and a bright future ahead. In the early years of marriage, partners continue to learn about one another, and the material's clear properties reflect the honesty and clear communication that should prevail in their relationship. Glass and crystal are also embodiments of the beauty and fragility inherent in a marital union, serving as a reminder that, like delicate glass, a successful marriage requires constant care and nurturing.

Symbolism of Glass and Crystal

The choice of glass and crystal as symbols for the third anniversary gift for couples is steeped in meaning. They signify not only clarity and a hopeful outlook for a couple's future but also represent the beauty and delicate balance of their journey together. This beauty, albeit fragile, is something to be celebrated and guarded. Historically, the tradition of exchanging gifts made of specific materials for anniversaries dates back to ancient times, gaining prominence during the Victorian Era when glass and crystal became emblematic for this occasion. These materials symbolise the transparent nature of a solid and honest relationship, offering a clear vision and bright hope for the years to come. Marking anniversaries with these elements often involves intimate celebrations, such as raising a glass of Champagne or a romantic picnic beneath the stars, further connecting with the symbolism of glass and crystal in discussing aspirations and dreams for future anniversaries.

Durability and Elegance of Glass and Crystal

The process of creating crystal glassware is an art form that enhances its appearance, making it highly desirable for commemorating special occasions like anniversaries. Crystal is formed with precise craftsmanship, often incorporating elements like lead to increase its weight and refractive qualities, resulting in a luxurious and sparkling finish. Traditional yet modern, crystal symbolises both durability and elegance, reflecting a strong marriage that has stood firm for three years and will continue to endure. The elegance of crystal makes it an exceptionally beautiful gift for celebratory moments. These materials, available in diverse forms such as chandeliers, vases, bowls, figurines, and stemware, bring a touch of sophistication to the home. Although historically associated with the 15th year anniversary, glass and crystal have found their place in modern lists as the gift of choice for the 3rd wedding anniversary as well. Their transparent beauty not only alludes to the clarity required in a healthy relationship but also underlines the shared fragility that, much like strong love, can withstand challenges over time.


Traditional vs Modern Anniversary Gifts

As couples reach their third year of marriage, seeking the perfect gift to commemorate this milestone becomes an expression of love and longevity. The time-honoured practice of giving themed anniversary gifts dates back to the Victorian era, with each year symbolising a new layer in the couple's relationship.

What is the traditional gift for 3 years of marriage?

Traditional: Leather
Leather, the traditional gift for the 3rd wedding anniversary, aptly signifies the durability and adaptability required in marriage. Its strength and resilience mirror the qualities developed during the initial years of the marital journey.

Modern: Crystal or Glass
As a modern alternative, crystal or glass represent the third anniversary, suggesting a clear, luminous future for the union. These materials reflect both the transparency and beauty of a loving, maturing partnership.

Anniversary Gifts - At a Glance


Traditional Material

Modern Alternative





Whether opting for a practical leather gift that echoes the growing strength of the marriage or a symbolic glass token to envision a bright path ahead, selecting the special gift for the 3rd anniversary is both a thoughtful and meaningful gesture, celebrating the journey of a strong partnership with a symbol of strength. Glass reflects light and beauty and therefore can be seen as signifying a bright future. Crystal symbolises clarity, transparency and the durability of love. It also refracts light, representing the beautiful facets of the relationship, just like the stunning spectrums that can be seen in Crystal. Glass is fragile - and can be a reminder that relationships should be tended to with care and sensitivity.


Mr and Mr engraved cocktail glasses, anniversary gift for same sex couple

What is the theme for the 3rd wedding anniversary?

As the third wedding anniversary approaches, couples often look for unique and significant items to celebrate their growing bond. Crystal and glass gifts honor the modern theme for this special occasion, offering an exquisite choice that represents the pure and sparkling journey ahead. These gifts are not just beautiful to look at but also serve as functional art pieces that can be cherished and used over the years. From personalised to beautifully crafted pieces, crystal and glass gifts add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any anniversary celebration. Engraved Champagne Flutes

Toasting to another year of love and commitment calls for something extraordinary. Engraved Champagne Flutes provide a contemporary twist for a modern glass-themed third anniversary gift, offering a blend of luxury and personal significance. These flutes can be tailored with the couple's names and wedding dates, transforming them into keepsakes that commemorate the day they said "I do." Nouvelle Glass brings this notion to life with their Anniversary Collection, marrying the idea of celebration with bespoke craftsmanship.

Engraved Wine Decanters

A wine decanter is more than just a vessel; it's a statement piece that enhances the dining experience. Engraved Wine Decanters are perfect for displaying the beauty of a fine vintage wine and add a personalised flair to the evening's centerpiece. Available in various designs these decanters catch the eye, bringing a conversation-starting element to any table setting. Selecting a decanter crafted from crystal or glass celebrates the clarity and brilliance of three years of matrimony, marking the occasion as a significant one.

Engraved personalised red wine glass on a dinner table
Glassware Sets

Recognising the fragility and care symbolised by crystal and glass parallels the nurturing required in a strong, loving relationship. Glassware sets, especially those made of crystal, stand out as an exceptional choice for personalizing a 3rd anniversary. Opting for a set of crystal wine glasses from Nouvelle Glass’s Anniversary Collection not only reflects the traditional celebratory spirit but also ensures that the happy couple can relive the special moment with each pour, savouring memories of their milestone for years to come.

Engraved champagne flute gift

Personalising Your Glass and Crystal
Anniversary Gift

When celebrating a 3rd wedding anniversary, couples cherish gifts that reflect the beauty and depth of their relationship. Crystal and glass epitomise such qualities, symbolising the fragility, attractiveness, and reflection of the marriage bond. Elevating these gifts with an intimate touch makes them even more special.

One captivating idea is a cocktail smoking kit etched with initials or a special message. It serves as a unique reminder of the couple's shared enjoyment and the individual flair they bring to their relationship. For an even more personalized touch, imagine presenting a crystal glass engraved with a photo from their magical wedding day or another cherished memory. Each time they peer into the glass, they will be enveloped in nostalgia and affection.

Another standout gift is an elegantly engraved hourglass, reflecting the timeless nature of the couple's love. Luxurious and thoughtful, it bears their names and wedding date, enabling a daily homage to the day they united their lives.

Whether choosing ornaments, functional items, or beautiful mementos, personalizing glass and crystal gifts ensures they become timeless symbols of enduring love and precious memories of the wedding day.

Engraved Date or Initials

An engraved date or the couple's initials can transform an already beautiful third wedding anniversary gift into a treasure of immeasurable value. For a modern third anniversary gift that cherishes their journey, consider personalising glassware with these sweet details.

Engraving the date of the wedding on a pair of crystal wine glasses not only signifies thoughtful celebration but also forges a daily reminder of their special bond. This simple, engraved message encapsulates the love story in a glance, symbolising just how far they have come and the shared experiences that define their marriage.

Opting for initials, on the other hand, offers a chic and intimate signature. Whether it’s on a crystal decanter or a glass vase, these initials become a sophisticated hallmark, creating a keepsake that's both elegant and full of sentiment.

By choosing to personalise glassware with the wedding date or initials, you give more than just a gift; you offer a stylish and lasting memento of love, commemorating the three years of joy, growth, and unity in the marriage journey.

Nouvelle Glass Personalised Glassware Anniversary Collection

Anniversary Gift Guide - Anniversary Gifts By Year

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is a testament to the enduring strength of love. Each milestone year has both a traditional and modern material associated with it, offering an array of symbolic and thoughtful gift options.


1st Anniversary: Traditional: Paper Modern: Clock

2nd Anniversary: Traditional: Cotton Modern: China

3rd Anniversary: Traditional: Leather Modern: Crystal or Glass

For the 3rd anniversary, leather represents the durability and flexibility needed for a strong marriage, while crystal symbolises clarity and transparency. Here are some leather and modern alternative gift ideas:

Leather Gift Ideas:

  • Personalised Leather Journal
  • Engraved Leather Wallet
  • Leather Luggage Tags

Modern Alternative:

  • Crystal Decanter Set
  • Glass Art Piece

5th Anniversary: Traditional: Wood Modern: Silverware

10th Anniversary: Traditional: Tin or Aluminum Modern: Diamond Jewelry

15th Anniversary: Traditional: Crystal Modern: Watch

20th Anniversary: Traditional: China Modern: Platinum

25th Anniversary: Traditional & Modern: Silver

50th Anniversary: Traditional & Modern: Gold


What is the theme for the 3rd wedding anniversary?

Whether it's a practical gift for daily use or a special item for commemoration, each anniversary occasion is an opportunity to honour the happy couple with something that reflects their unique journey. Remember, a sweet message accompanying your gift goes a long way in expressing your joy for their marriage milestone.

We've collated the first 15 years of Anniversaries into an easy to follow table, into five different categories featuring both traditional and modern gift ideas. For the rest - simply do a search online and there are plenty of resources to view!


Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Modern Anniversary Gifts

Colour(s) Gemstone Flower






















Blue Topaz











Wood Objects




Calla Lily



Desk Sets






Linen or Lace








Lapiz Lazuli




Diamond Jewellery






Fashion Jewellery



Morning Glory




Oyster White





Textiles/Furs (now Faux)






Gold Jewellery











Same sex wedding couple gift of engraved champagne flutes



Nouvelle Glass - The Perfect Anniversary Gift

Nouvelle Glass have created our extra special Anniversary Collection wine glasses to help you celebrate the date you tied the knot. No matter if you favour the traditional or modern guides, or you simply want to mix it up and choose your own classy gift, a personalised glass is always going to be an excellent gift.  Specifically designed to honour those truly memorable moments, our Anniversary collection of personalised glassware can be engraved with your Wedding Date, Anniversary, or or any date that is meaningful for you. Add you and your beloved's initials, or your titles, and you'll have a luxurious set of glassware perfect for toasting a glass of wine with each other, year after year. 

To order your gift from our Anniversary Collection;

  • Choose your desired glassware type.
  • Single, double or triple letter/number engraving.
  • Top line and second line engraving.
  • ♥ Love heart symbol engraving available. Simply copy and paste the symbol into the customisation field.
  • Personalised by hand in Sydney, Australia.
  • Our Care Card with with care instructions is included with every purchase.
  • All orders include complementary 100% eco-friendly cotton canvas bags with the optional addition of a premium gift box.

Click here to order your Anniversary Glassware.