Recognise Your Team With Gifts

Recognise Your Team With Gifts

Celebrating an occasion can be a wonderful way to feel good about the things that are important to us.  Whether it be a birthday, wedding or anniversary, we always make sure we don't miss celebrating those special moments.  However, we don't always need a special date to celebrate. Our achievements are also worth celebrating.  Graduations, retirements, getting a promotion at work and even passing a test are also common reasons for a celebration.  Recognition helps people feel appreciated and valued and sometimes just a simple thank you can do just that. When someone notices our achievements and goes out of their way to acknowledge and congratulate you for it, it can make you feel on top of the world.

Team settings are great opportunities for gifting.  Whether it be to celebrate an achievement, just a simple motivator or a fun way to bring the team together - you don't even need a reason to surprise your team! 

Nouvelle Glass takes in consideration of all of the above and takes gifting to the next level.  Your team deserves the very best.  When it is time for gifting, you can't go pass something personal and meaningful. 

Our bespoke glassware can contain whatever personalisation you want.  Our custom and bulk orders allow you to choose whatever you want on our Nouvelle glassware, providing it fits within our prescribed surface area (varies from glass to glass).  From logos, symbols, dates, numbers, initials and even full phrases of writing - our options are endless.  Nouvelle Glass can provide a solution to your specific personalisation needs.

Here are some team settings that are great for recognising your team:

  • The workplace
  • Sporting teams
  • Social clubs
  • Boards and committees
  • Community clubs
  • Charity/volunteer groups
  • Wedding parties

More specifically here is a list of possible scenarios that our clients have used our personalisation services for:

  • Opening night gifts for theatre performances for the cast and crew with the show logo and individual names.
  • Company Christmas gifts with logo and initials.
  • Wedding couples gifting their wedding party with their role and name.
  • Sporting team celebrating their win with their logo and year of championship.
  • Workplace anniversary celebrating an individual's years of service, company logo and name.



We work closely with our clients to provide a boutique customer service experience like no other.  We are able to accomodate your needs, no matter how simple of complex.  Whether it be visiting you in person to develop your ideal custom glassware, working with you remotely for your convenience or even brainstorming an idea that has not fully been realised yet - Nouvelle Glass is here for you.

At Nouvelle Glass everything is 100% customisable including:

  • All our Glassware (or provide your own glassware).
  • Our NEW Ribbon (in any colour, to accompany our gift boxes). 

The following are customisable with minimum time frames applied, depending on the request.  This ensures we can work with our suppliers to bring you the highest quality products:

  • Gift Boxes.
  • Tissue Packaging.
  • Gift Cards to accompany the glassware with your personal message.

For anything not listed above, please contact us and we can work with you to achieve your desired outcome.



Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds when delivering Nouvelle Glass. Being in the glassware business this is certainly a challenge. However, we strive to use the best solutions for packaging which is eco-friendly and reusable wherever possible, whilst also ensuring your glassware arrives safely. Our mailers, stickers, cards, tissue paper, packing tape, bags, and boxes are compostable and recyclable. 



Nouvelle Glass would love to assist you in rewarding your team.  We guarantee the highest standards of service to our clients and take pride in making sure our clients feel appreciated as much as your team.

Contact us here to work with us.