Introducing Lucy - Our Stylish And Elegant Personalised Champagne Glass

Nouvelle Glass Personalised Engraved Glassware Chamapgne

Introducing 'Lucy' - our elegant and stylish personalised Champagne Glass.

Imagine you're attending a special occasion, such as the Annual Black Tie Gala Dinner for your company, or a romantic wedding at a winery for your dearest friends.  On any truly special occasion you'll inevitably be greeted by a team of wait staff bearing trays of beverages, designed for you to kick-start the festivities.  However, these glasses aren't just filled with any ordinary beverage of course.  They're purposefully poured with that hypnotic golden effervescence - Champagne.  For centuries, this bubbly beverage has been associated with luxury and elegance and the Champagne glass is synonymous with class and celebration.  By far, the most iconic piece of our Nouvelle Glass collection is our Lucy Champagne Flute Glass.  Its unique shape and unmistakable beauty make it the perfect personalised gift  to celebrate that special someone in your life.

About our 'Lucy' personalised champagne glasses.

Each piece of personalised glassware is rich with nuance, hand-craftsmanship, and finesse.  For us, our 'Lucy' personalised Champagne Glass is a tall and elegant champagne flute which embodies effortless grace and beauty.   A beautiful gift, this style of contemporary champagne flute is simply classic and unassuming.   On the technical side, we've carefully hand picked this champagne flute as its design perfectly funnels the aromas of your wine for an exceptional drinking experience.  This Champagne flute is a tall yet narrow glass that has a long stem. It has a nucleation point at the bottom of the glass, a deliberate roughened bead at the base of the flute where bubbles gather.The bubbles then stream up the middle of the glass; the mousse remains in the wine longer and there is little danger of spillage because of the narrow mouth. The flute is mostly appropriate for younger, bolder champagnes and other sparkling wines. Additionally, the shape allows the wine’s aromatics to concentrate, so that it will bring a more pronounced nose. Commonly, champagne flutes concentrate the bubbles and the bouquet, heightening the champagne experience

The 98.7 glass transparency index score, also allows you to accurately see the colour of your wine, uninterrupted.  These glasses are also highly resistant to shock and repeated washing (following our care instructions), which means you'll get many years of enjoyment from them. 

How to personalise your champagne glass

As the unique gift of personalised glassware has a special meaning to you and your recipient, each piece we create is incredibly dear to us.  Although our pieces have been hand-picked and imported from Europe,  each piece of Nouvelle Glass lovingly engraved for you in Sydney.  You can personalise Lucy champagne flute in many ways; we can monogram initials,  a symbol, or if you're looking for a bulk purchase we can engrave your company logo.  Our process uses the latest laser and etching technology to guarantee a long lasting, accurate personalisation that never fades.

We love to know the stories behind each personalised gift we create and would love you to share your Nouvelle Glass experiences with us. Follow us and tag us on Tik Tok and Instagram @nouvelleglass #nouvelleglass and go into our monthly draw to WIN your own personalised champagne glass.

The Perfect Personalised Champagne Glass for any occasion.

Our Lucy personalised champagne glasses are available to buy as a single champagne flute, or they're also an elegant gift enjoyed as a pair.  They are the perfect gift that keeps on giving.  You can also purchase our Champagne Glass Gift Pack of two personalised champagne flutes, delivered in a wonderful gift box, with a hand-written card for the person you love.  Please add these options to your shopping cart at the checkout when making your online gift purchase and we'll be delighted to deliver this beautiful champagne glass gift to your loved one.

Why not add a dash of luxury for your bridesmaids or groomsmen and have a personalised Champagne Glass for each member of your wedding party?   Or impress your guests with a stylish affair every time you entertain with their initials on their own elegant Champagne flute for whenever they pop in?  Or simply spoil yourself with a personalised glass of your own, just because! The personalised Lucy Champagne Flute also makes for the perfect luxury gift for special occasions, and are wonderful as a;

  • Personalised pair of Champagne Glasses for your wedding day
  • Bespoke custom engraved gift to celebrate the engagement of a happy couple
  • A special birthday gift for the stylish champagne-lover in your life
  • The ideal Anniversary present for your partner (especially 3rd year "glass" wedding anniversary)
  • A personally monogrammed glass as a Graduation gift
  • Valentine's Day gift set for you and your loved one
  • High quality promotional item for Corporate gifting

So if you are thinking of a unique gift that has true personality and celebrates life in true luxury, head over to our 'Lucy' Champagne Glass page today to order your pieces before this beautiful glassware is sold out.