Do you know someone who loves whiskey?

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Do you know someone who loves whisky?

For a Whiskey lover, whiskey is more than just their favourite spirit. It’s a lifestyle. It could be their greatest passion. It's not about how much they drink, but rather how much they enjoy each sip of their favourite drink from their favourite whiskey glass.

There was a time when learning someone was a Whiskey enthusiast would spark curiosity.  It almost seemed like to be one, you had to invest a lot of money and be part of an exclusive club or society.  But in recent years, Whiskey has become part of mainstream culture, with easier and more affordable ways to access even the expensive and rare Whiskeys such as online subscriptions and friends coming together for tasting nights to spread the cost.  Nowadays, everyone knows a Whiskey drinker and Nouvelle Glass has the perfect gift solution for them.

Selecting the perfect whisky gift requires careful consideration. You want to surprise them with something unique while providing them with something useful that they'll use in their daily life. Personalised glasses are a great way to add a special touch to any gift. For example, Dad will enjoy drinking out of his personalised drinking glasses, and since he has his name engraved clearly on the front of them, no one will drink his favourite drink!

Introducing 'Jacob' - our personalised Whiskey Glass

Nouvelle Glass are thrilled to welcome this stunning whiskey glass to our collection. Jacob is the name for this specific cut glass design dated back to the early years of the twentieth century, making this a truly vintage looking piece. This 350ml Double Old Fashioned Glass is sure to be a sophisticated addition to your home.  With its elegant, diamond-cut glass and vintage look, this piece is perfect for serving everything from Whisky to Cocktails. Following the new trend sweeping bars and restaurants worldwide, these Jacob vintage-style glasses will provide any tabletop with an authentic retro design and the perfect finishing touch.

Jacob is sophisticated and charming, stylish and smooth and with a sparkle in his eyes.  He is retro but still with old fashioned values. Jacob is very friendly, playful, and caring towards the people around him. He would go to any extent to protect those he loves most. We've selected this glass because it's perfect for the whisky lover who wants something classy and sophisticated. coupled with our personalisation options it's truly a meaningful gift.  This double old fashioned glass is the perfect showcase piece with its diamond-cut glass and vintage look design. The exquisite art deco pattern makes it the ideal canvas for your personalise this glass any way you wish. The shape of this class captures the aroma of your drink perfectly to ensure an enjoyable drinking experience.  It's also brilliant, clear, and durable. It's certainly our favourite memorable gift with a personalised touch you can gift to friends and family on any special occasion.

Are personalised glasses worth it?

Personalising a gift by adding the recipient's name or title makes a simple gift into something extra special. It can be used for any type of occasion. Because of this, unique personalised gifts are becoming increasingly popular choices for gift givers as they help people connect, celebrate them, and strengthen their relationships over time.

Not a fan of Whiskey?  Not to worry, these are also suited to whatever your favourite tipple may be.  From cocktail lovers, spirit drinkers, to even table water, this versatile Nouvelle Glass can be personalised with a recipient's initials or title, and is the ideal gift for any special person in your life.

Our Jacob whiskey glasses are available to buy as a single glass, or they're also an elegant gift enjoyed as a pair.  They are the perfect gift that keeps on giving.  You can also purchase our Jacob Gift Pack of two personalised whiskey glasses, delivered in a wonderful gift box, with a hand-written card for the person you love.  Please add these options to your shopping cart at the checkout when making your online gift purchase and we'll be delighted to deliver this antique whiskey glass gift to your loved one.

Why not add a dash of luxury for your bridesmaids or groomsmen and have a personalised whiskey Glass for each member of your wedding party?   Or impress your guests with a stylish affair every time you entertain with their initials on their own personalised whiskey glass for whenever they pop in?  Or simply spoil yourself with a personalised glass of your own, just because! Our Jacob whiskey glass also makes for the perfect luxury gift for special occasions. Here are a list of great reasons and special occasions to gift a bespoke 'Jacob' Whiskey Glass piece:

  • End of the financial year gifting to your favourite boss.
  • Personalised glasses for every member of your Whiskey club.
  • 18th or 21st Birthday.
  • Anniversaries
  • Mother's and Father's Days
  • Graduations
  • Wedding and engagements
  • Housewarmings

How to personalise your whiskey glass

As the unique gift of personalised glassware has a special meaning to you and your recipient, each piece we create is incredibly dear to us.  Although our pieces have been hand-picked and imported from Europe,  each piece of Nouvelle Glass features laser engraving crafted for you in Sydney.  You can personalise your Jacob whiskey glass in many ways; we can monogram initials,  a symbol, or if you're looking for a bulk purchase we can engrave your company logo.  Our process uses the latest laser and etching technology to guarantee a long lasting, accurate personalisation that never fades.

We, at Nouvelle Glass, pride ourselves on a boutique experience for our customers.  A personalised product deserves personalised service.  Every piece has been carefully handled and designed to ensure your Whiskey glass gets the attention it deserves, because we know whatever hands they end up in will receive extra care.  But, it is our interaction with our customers that is most important to us. By purchasing a bespoke piece, you will become part of the Nouvelle Glass community, a space where everyone shares their stories and memories (and the chance to be involved in fun giveaways from time to time!).

We look forward to hearing your stories over a Whiskey over the rocks! Once you’ve received your glass we would love you to share your Nouvelle Glass experiences with us. Follow us and tag us on Tik Tok and Instagram @nouvelleglass #nouvelleglass and go into our monthly draw to WIN your own #personalisedwhiskeyglass.