The perfect Mother’s Day Gifts 2023

The perfect Mother’s Day Gifts 2023

What first comes to mind when you think of a Mother's Day gift?  Breakfast in bed, gift vouchers, gift cards, chocolate, flowers or wine?  All these gifts have been the go to gifts for as long as we can remember.  But they aren't personal and can ultimately be given to anyone for any occasion.  So if you're running out of gift ideas for Mum and you want to show your Mum the appreciation she deserves this Mother's Day, what better way to look into personalised gifts.  

Nouvelle Glass is the perfect gift for Mum this Mother's Day.  We specialise in luxury gifts of crystal glassware with a huge range of options to suit every drinking preference. Each glass is carefully handcrafted in Europe and delivered to us with care.  We then transform each glass into a special gift by personalising it exactly how you want it for Mum.  We will then pack it with the utmost care with our special gift wrapping service* and get it to your doorstep as quick as a day** (for that last minute gift idea!)



Here are some ideas on how to personalise our glassware, to turn an ordinary gift into a heartfelt gift:

  • Initials: Personalise with your Mum's initials up to 3 letters - perfect if she has a middle initial.
  • Numbers: Put your Mum's lucky number or a number that represents a meaningful part of her or your family's life.
  • Dates: Put this year's Mother's Day date or a date that symbolises a special time you had together with her.
  • Words: Do you call your mum a special nickname that no one else calls her?  Or what about word that summarises what you think of her? (space permitting, please contact us)
  • Symbols: Sometimes words or letters aren't enough - personalise our glassware with a symbol or symbols of your choice in conjunction with the above, or just by itself.
  • Something more unique: Want to personalise your Nouvelle Glass in a way that isn't listed above?  Contact us and discuss your needs with us to find ways we can make your personalisation possible to bring that thoughtful gift of yours to life.



We have come up with a simple gift guide for you to select the right glassware for your Mum:

 Mothers's Day Gifts 2023 - Margot Stemless Wine Glass

For the Wine Loving Mum

There are many options for your Mum if she loves and appreciates wine.  Our Abigail (white wine) and Ruby (red wine) Glasses are perfect Mum who prefers a contemporary and sophisticated feel.  Rosie (white wine) and William (red wine) are the ideal choice for Mum's who want a more traditional feel.  Or for Mum who wants  elegant yet practical, understated but luxury, you can't go pass our stemless Magot glasses.


Celebrate with Mum

If you celebrate a lot with Mum, our Lucy Champagne glass is the obvious choice.  That way you can continue to share memories with Mum far beyond Mother's Day for many years to come.


Share an icy cold one with Mum

If you enjoy an icy cold craft beer from time to time with Mum in the backyard, you can't go pass our Jonah Beer glass.  Enjoy bringing home your craft beer discoveries with Mum and share tasting notes!


Mum likes it Shaken, Not Stirred

Mum prefers her cocktails?  Our stylish Florence Martini glasses are just for her if she adores a cocktail affair.


Mum prefers it stronger

Our Jacob Whiskey glasses are perfect for Mum's who have specific taste for those specially aged drops or loves her spirits with a mixer. The Jack Glencairn Whiskey Glasses are for Mum if she prefers to savour that single malt whiskey that comes out on the rare ocassion.


Something for Mum to show off proudly

Want something extra special for Mum to put on her shelf to showcase proudly to everyone?  Spoil mum with something from our finest collection of decanters and carafes.  From the streamline Eleanor Carafe, to our luxurious Joshua Decanter right through to our Art Deco, boxy Winston Whiskey Decanter - Mum will not let these out of her sight.


When Mum is sensible

Whether your Mum doesn't drink or enjoys a mocktail from time to time, all our glasses are vessels for whatever liquid Mum prefers.  From using our stemless glasses for table water, beer glass for a fizzy soft drink, anything personalised just makes drinking anything more meaningful.


Nouvelle Glass wishes your Mum the happiest Mother's Day and we can't wait to see what stories come from this special day. Get 20% OFF your order when you use code: MOTHERSDAY20. 


*Add Gift Box and Card to your order

**Using our urgent priority processing and express shipping service