A Wedding MC's 6-Tip Guide to Delivering a Wedding Speech

A Wedding MC's 6-Tip Guide to Delivering a Wedding Speech

Being asked to give a wedding speech is an honour and a gift. But it can also be incredibly nerve-wracking, especially if public speaking is not your forte. As a professional wedding master of ceremonies and celebrant Gary from Marry Us Gary has witnessed hundreds of wedding toasts - inspiring, humorous, and train wreck disasters. 

But with the proper preparation and delivery, you can give a speech that genuinely wows the crowd. Here are Gary's top insider tips to help you craft and deliver a stellar, memorable wedding speech.


1.Know Your Audience

The first key is thoroughly researching who you will be speaking to. Learn all about the wedding couple - how they met, the proposal story, what they're like, their values, dreams, quirks, and what they want for their big day.

Have in-depth conversations and ask them lots of questions to dig deeper into their relationship. This helps you infuse those special personal touches.


Also, get to know both families. Understanding cultural backgrounds, important traditions they want to be included, family dynamics, and what they're most proud of about the couple allows you to tailor your speech.


In addition, mingle with guests beforehand to get a sense of who they are and their ties to the couple. Consider out-of-towners who may need more context and close friends who will love some roasting and humour. The more insight you have into your audience, the better.


2. Hook Them Immediately

You want to grab the guests' attention immediately, so avoid starting with a boring introductory welcome. Instead, open with something more captivating:

  • A funny anecdote or story about the couple, like a dating mishap.
  • A touching story about the proposal or when they fell in love.
  • A meaningful quote about relationships, love, or marriage.
  • A lighthearted wedding or marriage-related joke or one-liner. (use sparingly)

Just ensure any humour is tasteful and that all the guests will enjoy it. This impactful start hooks the audience and sets the tone for the rest of the speech.


3. Share Meaningful Stories

The body of your speech should revolve around personalised stories and anecdotes that offer insight into the couple's relationship, personalities, and what they admire in one another. Some specific memories to highlight:

  • How they met and early dating moments.
  • Funny habits, inside jokes, or nicknames they have.
  • Their admirable qualities and values are what you love about them as individuals and as a couple.
  • Significant memories like vacations, holidays, and milestones in their relationship.

Sprinkle in intimate details like their favourite foods, TV shows, hobbies, etc. And weave in touching stories from close family members too. These personal touches make your speech unique.


4. Give a Heartfelt Toast

Towards the end of your speech, include a toast wishing the couple a lifetime of happiness and love. A thoughtful, optimistic toast is a highlight everyone looks forward to. 

For example:

"May you continue to love each other more with each passing day. May you build a home filled with joy, laughter, and compassion. And may you grow together through every adventure to come. To John and Jane!"

Guests will excitedly raise their glasses and celebrate the newlyweds.


5. End on an Uplifting Note

Conclude your wedding speech by thanking the guests sincerely for coming and the couple for inviting you to share their special day. Offer one last piece of marriage advice if you have any to give. Then cue and pump up the crowd for the next reception event to transition smoothly. This might even be a nice time to present the couple with a gift…


End strong rather than rambling or fumbling your final remarks. Your memorable ending encapsulates the warmth and significance of the occasion.


6. Practice Makes Perfect

With these tips in mind, take ample time to practice your speech - at least 10 times through is ideal. Refine and memorise your content so it sounds natural, not stiff or robotic.


Have a trusted friend listen and provide feedback. Record yourself to improve pacing, tone, volume, etc.

Relax, speak slowly and clearly on the big day, and make eye contact. Hold note cards, just in case. Staying cool and collected builds your confidence and connection with the audience.

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Above all else, speak genuinely from your heart. Authenticity and sincerity trump a perfect polished delivery whenever it comes to giving a great wedding toast.


Additional Tips and Tricks

Here are some more pointers to give you a winning wedding speech:

  • Use humour judiciously. Balance it with earnest moments.
  • Avoid inside jokes or roasting the couple too much.
  • Steer clear of risqué topics, politics, religion, etc.
  • Keep it under 5 minutes - quality over quantity!
  • Have water or a drink nearby to avoid a dry throat.
  • Correct any mistakes quickly and keep going confidently.
  • Compliment the couple and important loved ones.
  • Stick to the timeline and keep events flowing on schedule.
  • Announce and facilitate key reception events smoothly.

Following this advice allows you to deliver an outstanding, memorable wedding speech - not just for the couple, their families, and all guests. Use this special opportunity to show how much the newlyweds' relationship means to you in your own words.


With the right prep, content, and delivery, your wedding toast will be discussed fondly for years. The couple will be touched that you spent so much care and creativity on your speech. After all, the people and memories made matter most, far beyond any perfect place setting.


Make your speech personal, sincere, and from the heart. If you can do that, you're guaranteed to give a sensational toast to the wedding couple that everyone will remember. Now it's your moment to shine!


Gary’s goal is for you to have the best wedding day possible!  He is an enthusiastic, grounded, fun-loving and relaxed Sydney Marriage Celebrant and Wedding MC. 


He was an electrician who loved his wedding so much, he quit his job and started Marry Us Gary. He’s here to help you plan your wedding and get the party started!